DESIGNERS: Bleed Marks Are Pointless.

When it comes to designing, we must always think of the end result, right in the beginning… This means applying all necessary bleed, the right sizing etc. But, when it comes to adding the necessary marks to the document, we know that’s where it gets a little confusing.


Bleed marks why do they exist? If you add bleed to a document, it’s already going to show you where the bleed ends; but if you don’t have bleed, those bleed marks will only tell you where the bleed would of been if you had made bleed in the first place. A little confusing we know, but that just goes to show how confusing bleed marks are themselves!


We believe this is probably the most useless thing ever created in the history of mankind.


Does anyone know of a bigger waste of ink – does anyone disagree?


Even Adobe ( say that they’re necessary, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help any printer.

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