Only Order What You Need When You Need It

Oversized A4 folders are very common and are in fact mass-produced. However, a distinguishing feature about our folders is that they are created and personalised specifically for you.

If you require oversized A4 folders that come with a pocket, these can be printed on a B3+ litho press. Afterward, a die is made, cut out, creased, folded and bound with glue in quantities of 1,000 or more. This process can definitely lower the cost to aproximately £1 per copy with a turnaround of at least one week—this would be a good deal if you require that many copies.folders3

However, it can be tempting to want to print too many copies just so that you can reduce the unit price. In the end, you may end up throwing away the extra folders or using dated ones a year or more after your initial print.


Bespoke Short Runs

A better alternative is to simply order only what you need and when you need them. This is what is really great about going for bespoke folders or undertaking short runs for specific projects. This way, you can change your design as the need arises to suit the specificities of current projects.This way, you can change your design as the need arises to suit the specificities of current projects.

These folders are digitally printed on an SRA3 press. Only the pockets are mass produced—everything else is produced as per the specific quantities you need at that time. With a turnaround of 2-3 days, we are able to produce up to 100 copies for as little as £1.50 per unit but we can also do much shorter runs of as few as 20 copies.

Why waste money and time printing a truckload of folders, which you will likely throw away when you can order what you need when you need them?




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