Do you know that feeling you get when you work with a business and they just seem to get everything right?


You feel like you’ve not only found a great business but also made new friends?


That’s the addictive experience that keeps us doing what we do.

It’s also about being the best at what we do.

DP Graphics are on the door-step to the wonderful Tower Bridge, steeped in history and surrounded by the many businesses that make London the great City it is.

London was built on hard work, entrepreneurship and above all relationships.

When you develop a true relationship, you care. You want to do the best you can. This ethos runs through my business as strongly as the blood that runs through my veins.

Over the years, particularly in this industry, I’ve seen lots of businesses appear online. You can push a button, order a product and you may or may not get what is best for your business.

I guess you could say we are the “anti-version” of these companies. Like in all super-hero stories there is always a hero and a villain.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I know a young businessman, a lawyer. He had just moved into his first new office. His funds were limited and he was in need of some letterheads for his new firm.

His fingers clicked across the internet and he was attracted to the “Euro-style” Printers that promised an immediate order at a super reduced price for a bulk order.

There was no phone number to call but the order process seemed easy enough. He wasn’t sure about some of the terms as it wasn’t very clear but went ahead anyway.

He eagerly made his order, waited a week, and then received a large parcel in the post. His fingers impatiently ripped open the cardboard.

All of the anticipation drained from his face when he saw the final outcome.

The paper looked cheap. The logo didn’t look right. It just looked terrible.


What was he going to do with the thousands he had ordered?


A quick call to the printers confirmed his worst fears.

No refund. No sending back. No replacements.

Unless of course he wanted to pay again.

It’s quite simple. Your printed material conveys your image. If it looks cheap or poor quality, people will think you or your business is cheap and poor quality.

You are probably thinking that I’m going to say that the “Euro Style” printers are the villains and we are the hero’s.


Every individual that comes to us is the hero.

You are the hero.

We understand that printing, marketing, design is not easy.

That’s why we help hero’s facilitate the process of creating success with their printed materials.

There is nothing that we value more than a good old chat and helping people.

Our preprint consultation does just that. We’ll find out what you want to achieve, and give you the best options for your business.

We’ll even show you how it will look, so there are no surprises when you see the end product.


Why not give us a call on 020 7252 3700 and let’s have a chat.