Do you know that feeling you get when you work with a business and they just seem to get everything right?

You feel like you’ve not only found a great business but also made new friends?

That’s the addictive experience that keeps us doing what we do.

It’s also about being the very best at what we do.

We’ve got over 40 years experience in digital and lithographic printing. We love using our knowledge and experience to help you find the best printing solutions and giving you the highest quality of service.

DP Graphics are on the door-step of the wonderful Tower Bridge, steeped in history and surrounded by the many businesses that make London the great City it is.



What makes us different?



We are experienced print experts. We don’t expect our customers to be. Our free preprint consultation allows us to discuss all the options with you, and guide you to the best choice for your business. Our advice will always be impartial and we’ll help you avoid the risk of unnecessary, unsuitable or uneconomical printing orders. Tell us what you want the end result to be and we’ll tell you how best to achieve it.


Have you ever ordered from a printers and then been disappointed by the final outcome? Nobody wants to be stuck with a large amount of unwanted material. You’ll never experience that with us. We’ll show you exactly how the end product will look with free printed proofs which we can produce in just a few minutes.  You’ll be able to order in confidence having already seen exactly how great the end product is going to look.


In today’s fast moving environment we understand that speed is of the essence. Tell us what you want and when you want it. We’ll turn around your order on time, every time. You’ll also find that the standard of the product will be of exceptional quality and this will never change regardless of the time-scale it’s required by.


We are award winning digital and lithographic print experts. Every product we create is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. You’ll gain the benefit of 40 years of hands-on printing experience. We’ll create a truly unique and beautiful end product that will delight you and the people who view your materials.


Our impartial advice during the preprint consultation will give you all the options and advice on what would be most suitable for you. We’ll ensure that you get the very best value for money and only make orders that you need. You’ll never be encouraged to order more product than necessary and we’ll never upsell you. We’ll save you money, and we’ll give you the absolute best outcome you can get. We’ll support you and your business.  


What we stand for

“We’ve built our business around superior customer service and traditional values. It’s about the care we give and the attention to detail. It’s the quality of the end product. It’s how we make people feel when they do business with us. At the heart of our business is the desire to delight our customers each and every time. Give us a call on 020 7252 3700 and find out for yourself”.


Read more about me

I’m Derek, and I guess you could say that printing has always been in my blood.

As a school child I would always be fascinated by my father and older brother’s involvement in the printing industry.

It seemed natural to follow them into the printing trade from school.

It was at the London College of Printing that my future path was set. A six year apprenticeship in Lithographic printing and platemaking gave me a thorough grounding in the trade and rewarded me with a City and Guilds. It was also a great experience for learning, working with others and growing as a person.

I’m a passionate individual. Some may say a perfectionist. If you are going to do a job, why not do it to the absolute best of your ability? I don’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly.

When my customers tell me that they love the end product or the service they’ve received, that’s what I love.

Creating and serving others is one of the greatest achievements in life and I do that every day. I’m a lucky man and have my customers to thank for that.

After my apprenticeship I worked for lots of different companies as I further built up my experience. I worked for Calibri Press, J Poole & Sons, KL Litho and others. I then worked as a Night Manager for Tower Litho for 15 years.

Around this time, I started to get the entrepreneurial bug. I was sitting one day at work and a thought came into my head. Maybe I could do this on my own?

Starting a business is not an easy decision. If you have a business yourself you’ll know it takes courage. This was my chance.

Could I do it?

In 1995 DP Graphics was born.

I realised that the printing industry was changing yet many others were not moving with the times. It was time to embrace new technology.

I started investing in top of the range Scitex hi-end image setting and scanning with dupont cromalin proofing, including special & metallic colours. I gradually built my customer base with hard work, dedication and by caring about every person that came to my business.

Of course, as time passed the digital advance progressed. In business we must all adapt or die. And so we did adapt by investing in in digital Cromalin and Fogra proofing then moving into digital printing and finishing.

The truth is, you never can tell how this industry is going to evolve. But, as long as we stay at the cutting edge with the best equipment, and always look to provide the very best service to our customers we will continue to thrive.

We’ve been around for 20 years, and we are here to stay, serving you to the very best of our ability.

Now I think that is enough about me. What about you? How can I best help you? Give me a call on 020 7252 3700 and let’s talk.

Speak soon,
Derek Payne




  • “We have used DP Graphics over the years as they consistently deliver quality print jobs and have a fast turnaround. They are professional and will take the time to get to know their clients so that they can best manage their needs, expectations and offer solutions.“

    Susanah Johnstone - Office Manager • CME Group
  • “We can always rely on DPGraphics to deliver great quality work, on time and often at very short notice. They are pleasure to work with – always on hand to offer advice when we need it, familiar with our needs and flexible with our requirements.”

    Emma Trimm - Office Manager • Precise Media
  • “Working with DPGraphics is always a great pleasure as they get the job done, always on time, to the high standards we expect for our demanding clients with a relaxed, helpful and creative style.”

    Andy Ewan - MA(RCA) Partner • Ewan Searle
  • “Our company has been using DP Graphics for over six years. The sound advice they provide and the consistently high standard of their products has added a lot to the quality of our presentation and marketing material. We work in architecture, where there’s a big emphasis on making things look good – DP’s always shared this interest.”

    Richard Peckham - Partner • Shape Architects


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“Providing great customer service is the most natural activity in the world. It’s fun to help others because it feels good.” ― Kevin Stirtz

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